Emails to God – Seeing Someone for the Last Time (No verse)

09 Nov

Dear God, over the last couple of years I have had an experience that was new for me. I have visited someone who was terminally ill, and I when I left the room I knew I was seeing that person for the last time. Sure, I have seen people for the “last time” before, but I never KNEW it was the last time. But a about 20 months ago I took our kids to see my mother-in-law for the last time, and I knew at the moment it was my last time to see her too. Then, about a month ago, I went to visit a volunteer in the hospital. At the time they thought he would pass away any day. Any day ended up being yesterday. But the day I visited him in the hospital I knew when I said goodbye that I was doing it for the last time. I knew that he knew it too.

Why am I talking about all of this and praying about it? I don’t know except that I am grateful that as I get older I am seeing more precious friends and loved ones die, and I am getting more and more comfortable with the idea of death. What is on the other side? I am not sure. I don’t know exactly what I will find when I die, but I know that billions of people have lived and died before me, and my experience will be the same as at least a few of them. I read an interesting quote about Steve Jobs when he was dying. His sister said his last words were, “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

Father, there is nothing that can separate me from your love. Neither life nor death can separate me from your love. Help me to be a source of peace for the sick and dying. Help me to be a source of strength for those who are sick. Help me to remember to pray for your healing so that we will know that if you choose to heal then the healing is with your power. Death is not to be feared. There will be grief for those left behind. But fear for ourselves as we face our own death is wasted fear.

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One response to “Emails to God – Seeing Someone for the Last Time (No verse)

  1. Megan Willome

    November 9, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    I like your thoughts on this. Glad you could be there, both times.


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