21 Mar

This is from my wife’s blog, which is always good and sometimes brilliant. This particular post is about a unique perspective on Jesus’ “trial” and death sentence.

Megan Willome

Here’s something I wish I were doing this Lent (so, technically, this is a Lent I wish to know). I wish that I were in Oklahoma City to see Mark Osler and Jeanne Bishop do the Trial of Christ on March 25 at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Jeanne plays Christ’s defender, and Mark serves as Christ’s prosecutor—a role that hurts him to play. This will be the final of five presentations the two of them have done in 2012.

I met Mark when I interviewed him as the 2009 Wacoan of the Year. He is the most remarkable person I’ve ever met, and his work to reform the criminal justice system may be some of the most important being done in the country. He was raised as a Quaker, and those ideas still undergird his beliefs, although he has become an Episcopalian. He has taught at two law schools: one Baptist…

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  1. Good News

    March 21, 2012 at 7:05 am

    Thanks John; Enjoy’d my visit and reading your wife’s post… Blessings .. Bro pat.


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