Emails to God – Quenching the Spirit (1 Thess 5:19)

13 Aug

19Do not quench the Spirit.

Dear God, this is probably one of the easiest things to allow to happen—quenching the Spirit in my life. It is so easy to allow to happen. So what are the ways that I can quench the Spirit in my life?

1. Hold onto anger and unforgiveness. Bitterness can absolutely grow like a cancer until it pushes everything else out. I have a relative who reminds me of this fact. She will hold onto bitterness and just not let it go. Now I see it pushing you totally out of her life. I wish there was something I could do about it, but I feel powerless.
2. Living in fear. Fear is future-based, and you do not call me to live in the future. You call me to live today, and make decisions today that will glorify you and not mortgage the future. I have been feeling fear lately. Fear about challenges at work. Fear about challenges at home. I can see where Satan might be using fear to quench your Spirit.
3. Giving in to selfishness. Self-indulgence is completely opposite of the spirit. I suppose that one could list self-pity separately, but it seems to be that the times I am feeling the most self-indulgent are the times when I am feeling the sorriest for myself. In essence, I’m not getting what I think I deserve here, so I am going to spoil myself there. There is no room for the Holy Spirit in that
4. Allowing ungodly influences into my life. Oh, this is probably where I quench the Spirit the most. You know what I mean. TV shows. Movies. Music. For just about any type of media I let in too much of the world and I allow the world to water down the Spirit.

Father, I know there are probably more ways in which I quench the Spirit in my life, but the problem then becomes when I allow the Spirit to also be quenched in my home. Help me in all of these areas. Help me to enflame the Spirit in my life, my wife, and my children. Help me to enflame the Spirit at work and in my dealings outside of the home. Help me to embrace forgiveness, faith, and unselfishness. Let the fruit of the Spirit grow so that it might not be quenched in any area of my life.


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