Emails to God – Fanning the Flame

04 Sep

No verse

Dear God, I think the best preacher I have ever heard is a guy named Louie Giglio. He currently leads Passion Ministries out of Atlanta, but I first knew him when I was in college and he lead a weekly “Bible study” at Baylor. I put Bible study in quotes because it was really more of a church service on a Monday night than it was a Bible study. There were 600-800 people filling up the 7th and James Baptist Church sactuary, and it ran from 7-9pm. It was quite the experience, and, frankly, better than church on Sunday. Louie always seemed to be “on” and I could listent to him preach for an hour and never look at my watch.

I mention this because I took a bike ride this weekend and listened to one of Louie’s podcasts. It wasn’t preaching, but there he was just being enthusiastic and fired up for you. His ministry is called “Passion”, and it is aptly named because his passion for you never seems to dim. I was thinking as I listened to him speak, How does he keep his fire burning so consistently?

I know part of it is regular prayer, but I think the other parts are regular time with other believers and regular mountain top experiences. I think it is true that a piece of charcoal that is left with other coals will burn longer than the coal that is left alone. I think this has been the biggest thing I have missed since I have lived here. I have not found any men with whom I can bond spiritually. I have visited close to fifteen churches and haven’t found one that really inspires me. I feel a lot like a coal that is fighting to fan my little flame, but there just isn’t enough cumulative heat to keep it going.

Father, help me to surround myself in a life that will fuel this fire. Help me to find you in my journey. Help me to feel your presence, not only through my wife, but also through friends, church, work, etc. I don’t know that what I am doing is sustainable. I’ve kept the fire going for the almost seven years we’ve lived here, but is it really burning to the point where I am being effective as a husband, father, employee, and friend?

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