Solomon — 1 Kings 9:25

12 Aug

Three times each year Solomon presented burnt offerings and peace offerings on the altar he had built for the Lord. He also burned incense to the Lord. And so he finished the work of building the Temple.
1 Kings 9:25

Dear God, now that I’ve finished going through these first few years of Solomon’s reign (okay, 20 years), it’s going to be interesting to see how things morph for the rest of his life. In this passage, he is disciplining himself and being careful to still bring you offerings to the Temple. That’s good. But sometimes, disciplining myself to go through the motions of discipleship without bringing my heart along and into the proper place is meaningless.

This certainly happens to me. Even in spending this time in scripture and doing these prayer journals, I can sometimes be mechanical about it and not bring my heart into the right place. Using Solomon in this story as an example, was he burning the sacrifices to you out of homage, or was he truly repenting of his sin before you as he did the sacrifices? I suspect that there might have been some repentance sometimes, but I would imagine that, for the most part, this was a duty he was performing and not a submission or resubmission to you.

Father, help me to–each time I come to you in prayer–to bring my heart with me and search it. Help me to seek you and submit to you. Help me to repent. Help me to love. Help me to give. Help me to do the work you have for me. Help me to go when you say, “Go,” and wait when you say, “Wait.” And help me to model this for others.

In Jesus’s name I pray,


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