Proverbs 19:20

10 Oct

Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.

Proverbs 19:20

Dear God, I think I probably should pick at least one day a week to do a Proverb. Just little nuggets of wisdom as reminders. This one is the verse of the day from Bible Gateway, and it goes along with the self-evaluation I filled out for our board president yesterday.

As the director of a nonprofit, I have a choice to make when it comes to interacting with our board. I can be defensive, insecure, lazy, and prideful by hiding my self-perceived deficiencies from them. That’s one way to go, but the only person that possibly benefits is me (and I say possibly because if I choose to cover anything up, no matter how trivial I might think it is, it’s always the coverup that gets you). But if I am transparent about my weaknesses or failings, if I am forthcoming about things that went wrong, then we can correct or improve those things about me or our operation and benefit the staff, our clients, our community, and even me. And the irony is that transparency breeds trust and respect so it actually does me more good in the long run and I can be at peace because I don’t feel like I am hiding anything.

Father, I am writing this over two days, but the same is true today as I complete this prayer journal entry as it was yesterday when I started it. I need to submit not only to you and to the authorities in my life (government, board of directors, spouse), but I need to serve and be accountable to everyone around me. The more transparent I am, the more you will be able to touch others through me. And the more transparent I am the more I will be forced into growing on the inside the way I tell people I am growing. If I don’t give them a facade to view, but instead show them what it really going on in me then that accountability will be good for me. So help me to get over myself, my pride, my agenda, and my selfishness and worry more about your glory and how you might use me to bring your kingdom and yours will into the world.

In Jesus’s name I pray,


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