New Roots

24 Oct

Inspired by a Brené Brown interview with Bishop Michael Curry.

Dear God, I’m taking this one small comment from Bishop Michael Curry as I pray to you this morning. But first, I’m not sure what happened to me yesterday, but I’m sorry for just kind of shutting down. I had just had a week off, and it was my last Sunday before going back to work, and I just went almost into a hibernation. And I’m not totally sure it was the wrong thing to do as I get ready to start a very busy season at work, but I know I could have done more to spend some time with you, at the very least. So I am sorry for not spending some time with you yesterday.

Now, on to this concept from Bishop Curry. Basically, he was saying that as it relates to a lot of things in our lives during this pandemic–from church, to social activities, to family, to work, to school, etc.–we are like a plant/tree that has had its water source taken away or dry up. We now need to do what they do–develop new roots that will find the water we need. That starts with you. I need to figure out how to ensure I am still getting the balance of spiritual nourishment, prayer, and worship that I need. The same is true for other areas of my life as well, but let me just focus on you this morning.

It is important that I continue to tap into you. I need to be intentional and creative. I need to be innovative and self-disciplined. Otherwise, my spiritual life can wither and die just like anyone else’s. I haven’t achieved anything in life to the level that I can face all of this on my own. In fact, I never will achieve that level because I need you. I need you. I need you today as I go back to work. I need you as I meet challenges. I need you as I love my wife and family. I need you as I figure out how to respond to the world around me. I need you. And if I don’t keep my roots tapped into you then I will fail.

Father, hep me to be intentional about my pursuit of you. Help me to be exactly what you need me to be, but I know you can only do that if I a plugged into you, and I have a lot of responsibility in that. So I am sorry for not doing more yesterday to be one with you, and I commit to you that I will sacrifice myself today in an effort to be one with you. Holy Spirit, please help me.

In Jesus’s name I pray,



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