1 Peter 1:10-12

10 Jan

10 This salvation was something even the prophets wanted to know more about when they prophesied about this gracious salvation prepared for you. 11 They wondered what time or situation the Spirit of Christ within them was talking about when he told them in advance about Christ’s suffering and his great glory afterward.

12 They were told that their messages were not for themselves, but for you. And now this Good News has been announced to you by those who preached in the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen.

1 Peter 1:10-12

Dear God, my wife and I were talking about Abraham and some of the other “founding fathers” from Genesis this morning. We remarked how flawed they were and I was thinking about how they were just trying to figure a lot of things out and facing difficult circumstances I cannot imagine. The truth is, I stand on the shoulders of millennia of people who did a lot of hard work before me. And my part is to wake up and do my part so that the next generation can stand on my shoulders.

I wonder if part of my fear with society right now is that we are about to take two steps backward because things seem to be devolving so quickly. As the American (or Western) church, we have lost our first love. We have made nationalism and our country our idol instead of you. It was the kind of thing that the prophets to whom Peter is referring in this passage noticed in their time. They could see their society devolving and would come out and allow you to prophecy through them. You would tell them that bad things were about to happen. And it wasn’t so they could necessarily avoid it because there had to be a refining fire to get rid of the dross. But you did let them know that you were with them and would be with them through the regression. In the meantime, you wanted everyone who called on your name to simply be faithful to you.

Father, help me to be faithful to you. I have some significant decisions to make today. Help me to be faithful and wise. Help me to touch the lives you need me to touch. Forgive me for the idols I worship. Forgive me for taking my eyes off of you as my one true God. I am sorry for putting my faith in other things. I am grateful for you.

In Jesus’s name I pray,


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