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“No Insult Like The Truth” by Charlie Peacock — No killer like convenience, no sickness like omission

“No Insult Like The Truth” By Charlie Peacock

I’ve run my ship aground
on the rocks of the soul
There’s no lie like independence
there’s no demon like control
I’ve fanned the burning embers
til my house was on fire
There’s no parody like power
There’s no fever like desire
I’ve drained the wine of darkness
to the dregs of deceit
There’s no drug as strong as pride
There’s no blindness like conceit
I’ve railed against the mountain
With a pickaxe and a file
There’s no minefield like presumption
There’s no death wish like denial

There’s no gunshot like conviction
There’s no conscience bulletproof
There’s no strength like utter weakness
There’s no insult like the truth

I’ve adjusted my prescription
til I couldn’t trust my vision
there’s no killer like convenience
there’s no sickness like omission

I’ve amended resolutions and resisted explanation
There’s no trap door like emotion
There’s no pit like reputation

There’s no gunshot like conviction
There’s no conscience bulletproof
There’s no strength like utter weakness
There’s no insult like the truth

There’s no cancer like ambition
There’s no cure like crucifixion
There’s no cancer like ambition
There’s no cure like crucifixion

There’s no gunshot like conviction
There’s no conscience bulletproof
There’s no strength like utter weakness
There’s no insult like the truth

This is part of a series dissecting the song “No Insult Like the Truth” by Charlie Peacock. In the series, I am taking two of the statements he makes and exploring the depth of meaning behind them and what I can learn about myself in the process.

Dear God, I read the to “truisms” from this song this evening and I knew exactly what I think about convenience and I have no idea what to say about omission. So let’s see where we end up.

There’s no killer like convenience

This one seems so obvious to me that it almost doesn’t need my explanation. However, those are usually the times when you have something new for me to examine.

Convenience is absolutely dastardly. On a macro scale, just look at the difference in the need for antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications in developed nations vs. third-world countries. You would think that all of the conveniences of life in developed nations–access to food, clean water, transportation, work, nice/air conditioned/heated shelter, Internet, etc.–would fill us with joy. Why doesn’t it? Why does it seem that the more we are challenged the happier we are as people?

Take the NBA. Why is it that the biggest guys are usually (not always) the worst free throw shooters? Why are the smaller guys usually better? Is it because the smaller guys had to develop part of their game that the big guys never did because they were just able to physically dominate? I just listened to a series about the rivalry between Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. It drove Kobe crazy that Shaq didn’t work hard on his game. Why didn’t Shaq work hard? Because he didn’t have to in order to be dominant. The convenience of his size killed his drive to maximize his true potential. Hence, opposing coaches used the Hack-a-Shaq strategy to defend him because they knew he couldn’t shoot a free throw consistently enough to hurt them.

That’s enough about others. Where do I allow convenience to kill me? By American standards, I am decidedly middle class, but in the eyes of the majority of the world, I would be considered very wealthy. I live in a nice, well-maintained home. I have reliable transportation. I don’t have enough money in the bank to retire early or even retire comfortably at this point, but I do have enough to take care of an unexpected emergency. And I am a person who likes to create my comfort zone. At work, I want to build a safe situation where I know that I won’t have to worry about paying the bills, making payroll, or having the resources to help the patients who come to us. It is very tempting for me to lose the “eye of the tiger” (thank you Apollo Creed from Rocky III), and one of the things I need at work and in my personal life is accountability. I need my wife and friends to hold me accountable at home, and I need our staff and board of directors at work.

I would be remiss, I suppose, if I didn’t spend some more time about why people in industrialized nations are so depressed and anxious. I think the answer is probably pretty simple. You created us to work. You created us to survive. However, when everything is just there for the taking (i.e. convenient) we feel an incredible lack of meaning in our lives. I suppose it’s up to me to figure out how to find that meaning in my worship of you and the work you call me to. Even if I had all of the money in the world, there are still things in the world that need attention from someone. Children are suffering. Schools are struggling. People are hungry or need medical attention. I could go on an on. The point is, just because some parts of my life might be “convenient” doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t press on and reach the end of the race (Philippians 3:14).

There’s no sickness like omission

Omission can mean so many things. I wish I knew more concretely what Charlie was referencing here. Did he mean omitting information and truth? Did he mean omitting people? If this is in any way related to “convenience,” perhaps he means being exclusionary of others and only accepting certain people. I guess I’ll go with that one for now. It kind of fits.

The idea of accepting or rejecting others based on some sort of pre-determined criteria is a sickness that permeates not only our society, but our individual souls. And I’m talking about rejection for any reason–race, religion, politics, socio-economic standing, etc. If I set myself or my social circle apart from others then I am missing a huge part of your creation and I am grieving you. After all, how can I be your ambassador, how can the church be your body, and how can our nation impact the world for your glory when we are prejudiced over one criteria or another?

I confess that I am still tempted in this area. I watched a movie last night in which the actress was dressed like a complete s***. At one point, she platonically checked into a hotel with a much older man and I told my wife that if I were the hotel clerk I would call the police because it looked like a human trafficking situation. I did NOT like this character. I wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with her in real life. I would have missed how damaged she is. I would have possibly missed an opportunity to help her. I would have simply judged her and moved on. I still do it every day, and it is a sickness in me and so many of us.

Father, please help me to be aware of the omission of others that I allow into my life, and help me to not be killed by convenience. Help me to ask you each day to make me aware of the work you have laid out for me, including the people who have for me to love, and then please bless that work so that I and everyone who comes into contact with me will be drawn closer to you.

In Jesus’s name I pray,



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